Uncover one of the best lemongrasses in the world.


Lemongrass’ vibrant green and slender blades are citrusy and flavorful, embellished with hint flower and green chlorophyll notes.


The infusion is particularly refreshing when served cold. However, served hot the lemongrass brew expresses digestive virtues while releasing enchanting scents. Besides detoxifying and calming properties, lemongrass helps in sleep and reducing mental fatigue..


Ingredients: lemongrass.

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  • Loose Leaves - 50g
  • Loose Leaves - 100g
  • 30 g Tea Box

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Available in:

  • 30g Tea Box - 15 natural biodegrable tea bags
  • Loose Leaves - 50g
  • Loose Leaves - 100g

Advise for preparation:

Pour boiling water on a teabag (in a teacup or kettle for loose tea). Allow tea to infuse for at least 5 minutes. Enjoy cold or hot.

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