All about the baobab
All about the baobab

All about the baobab

This product range spotlights one of the main symbols of Africa, and namely Senegal: the African Baobab tree, also known as « Tree of Life », « Pharmacist Tree » or « Magical Tree ». Our goal is to introduce you to the extraordinary health and nutrition benefits of some of its derivatives in their natural form, and with a focus on gustatory creativity. Our intiative is in line with the cycles and good practices of fruit of baobab harvests, but also sustainable as we contribute to the tree-planting efforts in our home villages.

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Organic Fruit of baobab powder

Detox – Energy - Antioxydant The dried superfruit of the so-called "magical tree" contains tremendous health properties. Fruit of baobab contains more antioxydants than any other fruit on Earth, dietary fibers, is detoxifying, digestive, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anticholesterol, boosts the immune system and improves post-sports and post-ailment...

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