Discover the sweet and robust flavors of Senegal with our unique artisan jams, forest honey and delicious tea infusions.

Our story begins with our heritage and Senegalese roots in a small village in the vicinity of Thies, 70 km from the urban center of Dakar. There, we established our company on family land where local infrastructures guarantee richness in soil, and therefore a superior ingredient.

With the tenants of sustainable development in mind, we launched a tea enterprise that values chemical- and pesticide-free farming and harvesting of local crops known not only for their medicinal virtues, but also their distinctive flavor—Kinkeliba leaves, a little known but true gift of nature, lemongrass, mint, basil and red and white hibiscus are notable for their flavor and health benefits.

Our varieties of West African plants are carefully selected and handpicked to offer a unique taste experience. What we feel distinguishes us from the competition isn’t just our all natural, manual process of production, but our interesting take on herbal teas by offering unique mixes that burst with flavor and aromatics, each sip transporting you to the heart of Senegal.

Over time, and thanks to wonderful encounters, we also discovered other natural gems, namely pure honey from the forest of Casamance, known for its extraordinary ecosystem and biodiversity. We also carry all-natural jams made with naturally cultivated, sun-drenched and freshly harvested mangos from Senegal, and an original and delightful Red hibiscus jam.

And the connoisseurs and most adventurous can indulge in our spicy and exotic chili sauces purees such as Chili-Mango, Green Chili and Lime or even Chili-Ginger.

Try our original artisanal herbal tea offerings for a delightful and flavourful moment of repose.

Our advantages

With an eye on strict adherence to the requirements for organic foods, Gourmet by Nature controls every step of production due to a permanent presence in Senegal. The prudently selected seeds are cultivated on family land in Senegal. Using a cyclical process of uncultivated/cultivated land, the majority of soil used, known for its richness and fertility, are saved from problems linked to the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Food Security remains a big challenge in the industry. As such, we rigorously adhere to the HAACP method to guarantee an irreproachable hygiene of our products. We respect the norms established by the ISO 9001 certification and Ecocert for organic agriculture. In Senegal, we work with the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research (ISRA) to assure adherence and respect of the best agricultural practices.

Our plants are cultivated in two villages on the periphery of Dakar. The cultural contributions of traditional Senegalese agriculture have been very beneficial to us. The habitants of these villages live an essentially agricultural lifestyle and have an understanding and mastery of their lands, cultivation cycles, and other secrets that ensure perennial yields.

Our production model is above all artisanal and is based on local agricultural practices. Watering and picking/harvest of the plants is done manually and once harvest is completed, the products are mixed with spices selected for their originality and flavor. This process gives our mixtures a unique flavor and sublime scents. Our herbal tea infusions are served in tea bags that are natural, biodegradable and made from hemp.

Collaboration with the Locals

Since its conception, Gourmet By Nature has always been a company that supports a healthy lifestyle founded on the principles of sustainable development. We believe that commerce should be democratic and stay faithful to the ideas of equality, especially when taking into account the social and economic aspects of enterprise. It’s because of this belief that in Senegal we have always made facilitating the local economy a primary goal of ours. By employing local young women and men we give them the opportunity to become more economically independent while helping us provide a product that preserve Senegalese culture and the local flavors that we love.

So what are you waiting for? Start your culinary journey to Senegal with Gourmet by Nature, you won’t be disappointed!