Try this herbal infusion that borrows on traditions and flavors that will seduce the palates of even the most selective tea drinkers. Live a refreshing, spiced experience with this particular variety of mint plus a mix of spices with complex notes. Delightfully robust, Menthe-Basilic is an authentic infusion with a twist that characterizes all the infusions at Gourmet by Nature.


Ingredients: mint, basil.


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£ 6.00

  • Loose Leaves - 50g
  • Loose Leaves - 100g
  • 30 g Tea Box

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Available in:

  • 30g Tea Box - 15 natural biodegrable tea bags
  • Loose Leaves - 50g
  • Loose Leaves - 100g

Advise for preparation:

Pour boiling water on a teabag (in a teacup or kettle for loose tea). Allow tea to infuse for at least 5 minutes. Enjoy cold or hot.

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