Heart of Baobab

The alpha and omega of nutrition

Heart of Baobab is a unique mix of fruit of baobab powder, and baobab’s seeds powder that offers tremendous and complete health benefits. The seeds are highly nutritious, rich in oils and fats, vitamins (A, E), high-quality proteins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and others minerals, dietary fiber, saturated (30%) and unsaturated (70%) fatty acids and amino acids such as lysine. They also contain high amounts of vitamins B1, B2 and B3, help improve the levels of good cholesterol (HDL), lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides levels.

Heart of Baobab is the ideal nutrition supplement, especially for athletes.

Ingredients: organic fruit of baobab powder, organic seed of baobab powder.

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As fascinating as the mythical tree it stems from, the fruit of Baobab offers a delicately acidic marmelade with a sweet taste. Ingredients: fruit of Baobab, sugar, pectine. No artificial flavours, no additives.

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Organic Fruit of baobab powder

Detox – Energy - Antioxydant The dried superfruit of the so-called "magical tree" contains tremendous health properties. Fruit of baobab contains more antioxydants than any other fruit on Earth, dietary fibers, is detoxifying, digestive, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anticholesterol, boosts the immune system and improves post-sports and post-ailment...

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Our selection of artisan cookies is made with our certified organic baobab powders. They are nutritious, energizing and thanks to the expertise and passion of our resident pastry chef Moussa Touré, they also taste delicious. You will love their authentic flavors, the surprising mix of natural ingredients. So get your taste buds ready for October 4th!

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